Saturday 15 October 2016

Visiting My Family

My son, Ken, and his girlfriend, Jasmine, are moving west to B.C. in might be a temporary or permanent relocation. They will be living and working at a ski resort in the mountains. Sounds beautiful. I really hope it works out for them out there.

Ken wanted to stop in to see his Nana (my mom) and my sister and her family before he left, so we did a day trip today to see everyone. They all live a half hour north of Belleville.

Here I am with my mom and Ken.

Mom and Ken.

Mom and I.

Mom and Teena.

From right to left is Judy and Doug's daughter-in law, Kerri, their son and Kerri's husband, Kyle, Doug, Judy, me and Ken. In front, Judy and Doug's dog, Jake, who forced his way into the picture then posed.

It was a fun but short visit as Ken had to work at 10. Next time will be a longer overnight one.

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