Saturday 15 October 2016

The Fall Colours of Eldorado, Ontario

Today Teena, my son, Ken, and I drove to Eldorado, Ontario, to visit my mom. She is 89 and still lives alone in the country on a beautiful 150 acre parcel of land that has a river winding through it. Below you can see the winding rows of trees that trace the rivers edge. The field in front has soybeans that are about to be harvested.

Here are some colours from the other side of the river.

Teena didn't know I captured this shot as she walked over the crest of a hill.

That is another soybean field before the river and the colours of the trees beyond.

Teena getting ready to take a picture.

I liked this one colourful tree among those yet to turn.

And here we are!

More colour.

Daisies still are growing at this time of year.

Ever wonder what a soybean looks like before harvested? They are left to dry in the field which makes it easier for the machines to pick and separate the beans from the pods.

A badly focused shot of an open pod. I tried some. They are much better roasted and salted.

An old drive shed behind mom's house.

The back door to the barn's stable. I can see why photographers like old structures. There is so much texture in them.

It was a beautiful day for a walk through the fields. Teena and I wanted to go for a walk to take pictures and give Ken and his Nana time to talk. It was a great day.

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