Sunday 30 October 2016

"Stories of Redemption" at the International Festival of Authors

I have been to author sessions all week long at Toronto's International Festival of Authors but Teena has been unable to attend as she has been out of town on business. She is back and this afternoon we attended the Stories of Redemption reading and round table.

Darren Greer, Anosh Irani, and Cordelia Strube present multifaceted and diverse stories about redemption and returning to face the past and/or the truth. Sheniz Janmohamed hosts and Bert Archer moderates.

Sheniz Jammohamed introduced each author and reading.

Darren Greer, from Nova Scotia, was the first author up and read from his new book, Advocate.

Next up was Anosh Irani who read from The Parcel.

The final author of the evening was Cordelia Strube. She from from her latest work On The Shores of Darkness, There Is Light.

Afterwards there was a round table discussion moderated by Bert Archer. It was quite interesting, especially when each author were talking about how they write. Cordelia stressed that she never plots out a book in advance. Darrin said he starts and lets the story tell itself.

Anosh answered a little different. He says he knows how the book will finish and writes towards that. He indicated this by holding a hand out directly in front of him. Then he added that as the story unfolds, he never ends up at that ending but another, and held out his other hand far away from the first, indicating the final end is nowhere near where he had planned to end. He also said at times the story might actually take you past that ending.

This was my last reading and round table of the festival and I'm glad that I got to enjoy it with Teena. As with the others, it was entertaining and interesting.

I'm already looking forward to next years festival.

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Sheniz J said...

Lovely coverage of the last panel- -thank you so much!