Sunday 19 June 2016

Time for a New Camera, A Canon SX710 HS

Finally I went out and bought myself a new camera, a Canon SX710 HS.

I bought my Old Canon SX270 HS camera back in 2013. It went everywhere with me and was banged around quite a bit. Finally the doors fell off and the side door no longer would close.

Yesterday I was out with Teena taking pictures and found the remaining doors would not open all the way. Time to head out and get a new camera.

I really like Canon cameras and won't stray away from them. This Canon SX710 HS was on sale at Best Buy and yes, it came home with me. It has 30 times optical zoom. Can't wait to take this to the next Blue Jays game!

Teena might recognize this camera, as it is the same one she has. I wanted black but they only had red. Looks like, once again, we have samezies in cameras.  I put my old grey strap on mine so we can tell them apart.

Looking forward to having this camera traveling around with me.

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Teena in Toronto said...

We're camera buddies again!