Tuesday 26 January 2016

My January 2016 Beer of the Month Delivery

My Beer of the Month package arrived today.

It's the perfect gift for any beer lover! Each month we'll deliver 12 full-sized bottles of hard-to-find, specialty microbrews from award-winning breweries. Each shipment will include up to four different varieties of premium, hand-crafted beer carefully selected by our experts and brewed in limited quantities by master brewers. We sample hundreds of microbrewed beers every year and only the best-of-the-best become selections of the Beer of the Month Club.

This month The Frosted Mug newsletter has not only the description of the beers in the package and a beer fact, this month was on the invention of beer caps but also contained a recipe for Beer Beef Stew (I would leave out the turnip though. I hate turnip).

In this month's pack, I received 4 bottles of Nickel Brook's Half Bastard Stout, 4 cans of Collective Arts, Stash Straight Up Ale and 4 bottles of Morena Classica Pilsner that came all the way from Italy's Bira Morena Brewery.

Looking forward to cracking some this weekend.

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