Friday 28 August 2015

Let's Go to the Ex!

This afternoon Teena and I headed over to what is really Toronto's end of the summer event, the Canadian National Exhibition (aka the CNE, aka The Ex).

Lots of colour.


There was supposed to be a craft beer and food truck festival this weekend. Teena and I have been to many craft beer festivals in the past and this one really was not.  It was food trucks and craft beer tents in a confusion. Kids were every where and it was set up where everyone who came in through the east gates had to pass through. It was also $2.50 for a 4 oz pour. Pretty pricey.  We weren't digging it and left after just a couple of drinks.

I did have a Sawdust City IPA.

Sudbury now has a brewery, Stack Brewing. I enjoyed their pale ale.

The Sky Ride chair lift is a great way to view the Ex.


Sand and ice sculptures.


I really wasn't enjoying our day until we hit the Northern Comfort Saloon, with lots of country music. 

Ty Baynton was fabulous and really saved the day for me.

 Cory Marquardt was the next act. They were good but we wandered off after their first set.


Before Ty Baynton, I was ready to leave. They were great, which meant we stayed around late enough for Foghat. That's in the next post.

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