Monday 29 June 2015

A Stroll along Lake Ontario

Teena and I are on vacation this week, and as this afternoon was so nice, we decided to take a stroll along the lake. We caught a streetcar out to Park Lawn Road and walked the 6.4 km back home.

Flags are supposed to be a symbol of national pride but this one taunted me. It was blowing out full and when I went to take a picture, it went limp. It would then blow open again but not in a way I could get a shot. Finally it opened and let me take a proud shot.

We started on a bridge by West Humber Bay that overlooked a river. The ducks were all preening themselves but the heron was on the lookout for food.

Teena on the trail.

We came across a cove with a few swans in it. I find them so peaceful!

Teena in action.


East Humber Bay Park.

A pillar from the old Palace Pier, which burned down in 1963.

So, where does driftwood come from. It's not like there are logging operations going on around Lake Ontario, but there are always lots of driftwood everywhere along the shore.

The pedestrian bridge over the Humber River.

Love locks on the bridge. The idea is that lovers lock their lock on a bridge and throw the key into the water, symbolizing their love is locked is forever. The City of Toronto keeps cutting them off but more take their place.

Even Mennonite ladies visiting the city enjoyed looking at them

It's interesting that it took so long to bring condos to this area.

These are the two original ones. The one further back was built in 1978 and the other in 1991.

Another swan, this one going bottoms up for a fish.

Ducklings, none of them ugly.

Teena in action.

I love this shot. You can see drops of water frozen in the air.

Many took advantage of the sunny day to sunbathe.

The old Sunnyside Pavilion  has a patio that is opened from 9:00am to 9:30pm, weather permitting. We stopped in for an early supper and a couple of well-earned beers.

The views from the patio are very interesting. Whenever I am here, I really feel like I'm away down south in another country.

Teena had the pepperoni pizza. She felt it was from frozen. I had the chicken wrap and enjoyed it, although not the side Caesar. Next time I would get the regular salad with it. I'm hoping for us to get over one day for breakfast.

Time to finish our walk home. This was our first of the summer but not our last!

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