Saturday 11 April 2015

An Afternoon at the Toronto Food and Drink Market

This afternoon Teena and I went to the Toronto Food and Drink Market. Teena went last year while I did the couch thing and she enjoyed it. So this year I joined her.


We had a nice Pinot Noir from Kent-He.

More food.


We enjoyed the salad dressing from Gigi's Foods.

We both enjoyed the mustard from Whiskey and Spice.

Teena enjoyed the heat from Jungle Heat Exports. I laughed when she asked, "How hot is it" and he answered, "how hot do you want it?" One did knock her back a step.

Pepsi had a new product, Pepsi Next, that they were sampling. We picked up a couple of cans and will try them chilled tomorrow.

The Okanagan Cider was excellent.


Three Dog Winery from Prince Edward County had a nice Riesling.

A Gewurztraminer from Between the Lines Winery.

A very nice Rose from Rancourt Winery.

My family lives in the Belleville area and the region had their own area. Mackinnon Brothers Brewing had an excellent Pale Ale and Sweeney doing the pouring, was hilarious.

I always stop at Churchkey Brewing when I am visiting. They do brew in a small church set on top of a hill. Nice view and good brew.

I really enjoy a cider when I'm hot and thirsty and there is one in the Quinte area too. Empire Cider Company. It was quite good.


Designs on Wine had some great woman's tees. This was my favorite.

Coyote Run had an excellent Pinot Gris.


I featured the Highlander Scottish Ale three years ago on my Beer of the Week. It was delicious then and was delicious tonight.

Frogpond Farm Organic Winery had a tasty riesling.

Nothing ends the night like a little bubbly, Prosecco Sparkling Wine. Of course, it was nice!


I didn't walk away empty handed. One of the booths was selling a SodaStream carbonated water system. After a couple of samples, I was given a demonstration. Actually, I was guided through the demonstration, which was quite easy. I have always wanted a sparkling water system and for just $99, now I have one. They used to be $300 to $400. It also came with some flavour packets. Tomorrow I will be making some and you know I'll blog about it.


It was a fun afternoon. In fact, we were there for six hours. We will be back again next year.

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