Wednesday 11 March 2015

My Dinner With Casey Donovan

Tonight Teena and I saw the premiere of a new production of My Dinner with Casey Donovan playing at the Theater Passe Muraille backstage.

The Cabaret Company presents My Dinner with Casey Donovan, the newest work by Sky Gilbert (Hackerlove), a touching comedy about what happens when you bring a porn star to dinner. 

Through some insane stroke of luck, gay porn star and godly creature Casey Donovan (Nathaniel Bacon,Hedwig) has accepted closeted Calvins invitation to have dinner together. Together with Calvins parents, that is, since 25 year old Calvin (Michael DeRose) still lives at home. The only catch is Calvins parents dont even know hes gay. 

In My Dinner with Casey Donovan, audiences explore a tale of sexual liberation, parental love and independence from our parents that may not be new but is still very relevant.

Going in I was unsure what to expect but it is a piece that is funny, sad and serious. Nathaniel Bacon was fabulous as the porn star, as was Michael DeRose as the unconfident, shy, star worshiping Calvin. Although Ralph Small had a reduced role of the father, the way he carried himself reminded me of many fathers from way back in the 70s.

On a week night, it is great that they start the play at 7:30pm, as it is a working night. Does that make me sound old?

I enjoyed the show and would recommend it to others.

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