Sunday 8 February 2015

Beer of the Week - Puro Malto from Oro di Milano Italy

This month's Beer of the Month club package came with four Puro Malto lagers from Oro di Milano, a brewery located on the outskirts of Milan, Italy. I could find nothing about the history of the brewery, from their website or anywhere else.

This is what their website had to say about Puro Malto, which translated means Gold Milano:

Oro di Milano, PURO MALTO is a low fermentation blonde beer with an intense straw color and alcoholic content around 5,1%. It strikes with the intense and pleasant malt flavor and persistent hops smell. Oro di Milano® PURO MALTO is a fresh and light beer, very easy to drink and versatile for combinations, with a pleasant and refined flavor. An “uncommitting” but still sophisticated choice. 

Suggested combinations: Appropriate for an aperitif, it’s also fine to be combined with classic Italian starters, pasta & pizza, cold cuts and mozzarella, fried sea food and grilled meat dishes.

The beer pours golden in colour as lagers do and has a biscuity aroma to it.  Lacings remain on the inside of the glass as I sip.

Unlike most European lagers, Puro Malto has no hoppiness to it. It is a little heavy in mouthfeel compared to other lagers I have had.  It starts off with a little sweetness that tails off in the finish. There is no pilsner hop bite in the finish. The taste just tails off in the finish.

This is an OK lager but one that really is not to the style of lager that I enjoy.

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