Sunday 18 January 2015

Christmas at Judy and Doug's

Christmas was a little late this year as it was tough to get everybody together at the same time.Three weeks after Christmas was the best opportunity to celebrate the season but still there was one person missing.


She has a very nasty cold and coughs from down in her very soul. So she made the wise decision to stay at home. Here's a hint, though, that she found that works. Put a slice of onion by your bedside and the cough will go away. Apparently it worked!.

Below my brother-in-law, Doug, my son, Ken, and his girlfriend, Jasmine, start the present opening.

My nephew, Kyle, and his wife, the super-mom Kerri.

We bought Colton this truck. He loved it! Here he is with Kyle, his dad.

Kyle and Kerrie's daughter really loves Ken and Jasmine. They watched some shows together.

Colton never stopped playing with his truck.

Judy tried to take a picture of Mom, who is not a willing subject.

I snuck one in. She looks great for 87!

My step dad, Keith. Looking great for 88!

Colton loves his truck!

Madison and Jasmine enjoy the show on the iPad.

Having fun.

It was a very fun weekend. It was the first time that Jasmine has met this side of the family. Thanks to Judy and Doug for making her feel so welcome! And thanks again guys for having us down and showing us such a great time!

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