Friday 14 November 2014

FreshWest Grill Chicken Burrito

Today at lunch I headed to a new spot, FreshWest Grill in the Richmond-Adelaide Centre, to get a burrito. Although they have been around for awhile, this is my first time eating there.

The counter was very clean and the food looked fresh as advertised. There was a tortilla grill on each end of the counter. Where I find most staff at food court shops not engaged in their work, the two guys who ran the front here were friendly and were easy to joke with.

I like how they heat the tortilla quickly before putting on any ingredients. Mine was a chicken burrito with cilantro-lime white rice, black beans, roasted corn, lettuce, cheese and burrito sauce. The burrito is then grilled.

Although all the fillings add to the taste, to me, the rice seems to be the item that makes or breaks a burrito. I really enjoyed the cilantro-lime white rice. I can't do much heat but really enjoyed the snap in the burrito sauce. Their mild salsa was basically tomatoes, which I don't like so passed on it.

I really enjoyed this burrito. It was tasty, a good size and price ($8.99 with tax). Not only will I be back again but plan to have the same next Friday but with cilantro-lime brown rice instead.

If you like burritos, I would recommend giving this place a try.

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Anonymous said...

Chicken, beans, and spinach herb tortilla.