Saturday 15 November 2014

An Afternoon at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Today Teena and I headed over to 92nd Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, also known as the Royal Winter Fair, and marketed just as the Royal. Much simpler.

The fair has many competitions and features over 5,000 head of cattle, goats, and sheep. We couldn't find the pigs but did miss one building.

We started at one end of the building which was for the kids. Remember back to the John Travolta Urban Cowboy days when many bars had the mechanical bulls. There was one here for the kids. Not one managed to stay on. Only their pride was hurt.


There was a very popular petting zoo.


I have "hayed" many fields in my day and to me, hay is hay. Not at the Royal where it is judged.


Wheat and oat sheafs were judged.


What has always been a favorite of mine at the show is the largest vegetable contest. The sizes are amazing. This year there even was a world record yellow beet!


This girl was mesmerized by the baby chicks.

 The butter sculpting competition is always popular.


We ate in the food court. Teena had St. Louis wings and I had an excellent schnitzel on a bun. It was huge. We did not go for the tacos and sushi. What an odd combination of foods!


Always have vegetables with your chicken.


We caught the final judging for the dairy cow competition.




We were surprised to find an LCBO on site and even more surprised that it had a great selection of Ontario craft beer.


There were many tack shops at the west end of the building.

I enjoyed watching this roper. Haven't seen one in years. The kids loved getting in on the act.


I love cheese and, of course, there was a competition for it too.


After a lot of walking, we finished our day with some fine craft beer and watched the horse competition on the TV.


We always enjoy the Royal and will be back next year.

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