Tuesday 22 July 2014

Jays Beat Bosox 7 - 3

Tonight the Toronto Blue Jays took on the Boston Red Sox at home and despite losing 14 to 1 last night, I decided to head down to the game. After all it's only one game out of 162!

A fan from Michael Snow's Sculpture, The Audience, takes a picture of me, as I take one of him. 

The Rogers Centre.

I cannot stretch like Munenori Kawasaki!


First pitch!

The problem when you sit in section 527, row 2 seat 101.

Kawasaki played third for the first time as a Jay.

Jake Peavy in action.


The view from centre field.

Bautista ready in the field.

Swing and a miss by Rasmus.

Melky hauls in a fly ball to end the inning.

Ryan Goins turns a double play

Swing and a miss by Jose.

A hit by Rasmus but it was a ground out.

Kawasaki in action.

Dustin McGowan in relief. He's a great addition to the bullpen.

The Jays needed this win. Hopefully there's another tomorrow night.

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