Monday 7 April 2014

My Fitness Assessment with a Personal Trainer

After a couple of years off from fencing and a year of not going to the gym, I thought it was time to make some changes. Time to get back into shape!

Last week I called the West End YMCA, which Teena and I have been members of for a few years, to see about having a few sessions with a personal trainer to get me going. A few years ago I tried to set up a program for myself and ended up injuring my shoulder. This time I wanted to do it right and figured to have a trained professional set up a program for me.It turns out that with a YMCA membership, people get 4 free sessions with a personal trainer which they call mYfitness:

mYfitness This service is for those new to exercising or coming back after a few false starts. mYfitness provides the personal attention, flexibility and focus to get you on the road to a lifetime fitness habit. Working with our professional staff, we will help you develop an exercise program that suits your health and fitness needs. Included in membership.

Tonight was my first session with my trainer, Sarah. Tonight was a fitness assessment where I completed a short form regarding my health, the amount of exercise I currently do and my injuries. We talked for 45 minutes. Sarah had many helpful tips to use during my day, and we discussed range of motion stretches to do in the morning.  This I will start tomorrow morning.

We also went over other programs that the "Y" offers. I think I'll start getting back into yoga once a week.

My next session is a week today where I'll be introduced to the machines and equipment they have to see what will suit my program. I'm looking forward to this!

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