Saturday 8 February 2014

Book Review - "Stats Canada: Satire on a National Scale"

I am part of the The 7th Annual Canadian Book Challenge, a fun blog that challenges bloggers to read and write about 13 books by Canadian authors, books about Canada or books which take place in Canada.

I spotted this book, Stats Canada: Satire on a National Scale, in January list of books which was posted by Shan at Curled up With a Good Book and a Cup of Tea. It sounded interesting so I gave it a read.

Canadians everywhere have been deeply confused by the irresponsible and wildly inaccurate data tweeted by Stats Canada since July 2012. While outrageously false, these hilarious “facts” unearth deep truths about Canadians and their culture. 

For the over 200,000 people already following on Twitter, @stats_canada is a daily source of the funniest Canadian parody. Now, in their first book, Stats Canada satirizes everything from history, culture, and language to sports, entertainment, politics, weather, and much more. 

With all-new features, graphs, maps, and other illustrations, Stats Canada has all the laughter you’ve come to expect, with only 10% recycled content! 

35% of advice given in any Home Hardware does not come from an actual employee 
67% of Canadians own summer snow pants 
32% of Canadians can’t spell “tuque” but own at least four 
56% of Manitobans are convinced they’ve travelled to the future when visiting other provinces 
79% of Canadian teens don’t want to wear their winter coat, it’s not even that cold out 
100% of Canadian hockey players give it 110% every game 
65% of Canadian Instagram accounts include an artsy photo of a Tim Hortons cup 

Disclaimer: The official Statistics Canada has taken no issue with the content of this book. They were too polite to object.

No, I hadn't heard of this before getting the book and thought it would be humorous real stats about Canadians, so went into the book with a little trepidation. Turns out it is a fast and mostly amusing read. I do feel it is in bad taste to make fun of life taking tragedies such as the Halifax Explosion or the Newfoundland Tsunami but mostly the book is fun and one that I enjoyed.

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