Thursday 17 October 2013

Showing Some Altitude ... Doing the Corporate CN Tower Stair Climb!

This evening my department participated in the 2013 Enbridge CN Tower Climb for United Way and I was part of the team. It is 144 floors, 1,776 stairs from the base to to the top. Let's just say, it's not easy.

First the excuses. I am still getting treatment for a bad ankle and worse, I had the cold just this past weekend,  OK and I'm fifty-nine and a half. Let's throw all the excuses in there. Still, I felt I could give it a good shot.

My team was mostly runners and young, and they just bolted on up. I will see them tomorrow!

Me, I admit I labored much of the way up. There were maybe a dozen of us from different teams that were on the same pace and supporting each other.

Around the hundredth floor, a woman that was stopped with three or four of us, took out a few pages of something and fanned her friends. Then she turned and fanned me.

"I love you!" I told her. She turned to fan her friends but when she heard this, turned back and fanned me again. It felt good. Sorry, Teena. I only strayed a little!

A couple of quick notes. It's a 5 minute walk from check-in to the CN Tower and then two flights of stairs before you time-in (the yellow strap in the picture). When you are finally done ... you're not! There still are 8 or 9 more shorter flights to go before you reach the top. It's quite cruel!

Lots of volunteers are at the bottom and top to cheer all the participants, and medics are stationed around every 15 floors.

My time as you see was 42 minutes and 41 seconds. Good for the way I felt. Next year I will feel better and do better!

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