Saturday 19 October 2013

Metrolinx Union Pearson All Night Construction Racket!

Metrolinx construction of the much hyped Union Pearson Express line must be way behind schedule. Why else would they be working 24 hours a day on it?

The conversation at our TTC stop every morning is how loud the noise was all night long. Many of us along the street are not getting much sleep since construction is happening only 30 meters (100 feet) outside our home.

Last night was the last straw. All night long till 5am or later, we heard the constant beeping of trucks backing up, cement pouring and the general banging, shouting and noise that comes from a construction site. We got very little sleep because of it and I am quite cranky about it.

So first thing this morning, I sent an email to Toronto Councilor Mike Layton, our MPP Rosario Marchese and Metrolinx. Teena tweeted to Mike Layton, Metrolinx and CP24 News, and I have contacted CTV News.

I have also sent a noise complaint to the City of Toronto to have them charged against bylaw 591-1

Funny but it is all quiet out there now!

Yes, I'm tired and quite pissed off about this.

I will update with any relies I receive from the people I contacted to see if anyone cares!

We have a right to sleep!


milamali said...

Finally someone to talk on this topic! We have the same issue - since weeks they are taking our sleep away and we are exhausted!! We called the police and sent emails to Metrolinx, but no reaction. They don't even make an effort to turn down the beeping noise of the trucks to a lower volume (which I know is possible) or erect noise protection walls. The law says that construction after hours is only allowed for emergency repairs, but this construction is not an emergency repair. Don't know what to do any more, this is so so frustrating! If they have to work late, they should still stop at 10 pm and let us sleep!!

Swordsman said...

Milamali - I contacted CTV News and they are interested on doing a story about this. It seems that something similar occurred at Yonge and Eglinton with noise from construction happening all night and their news reporting stopped the overnight work.

What they require is some proof before they can do the story. CTV news said that what we need to do is that when you hear construction going on, open your window & record the noise with your phone for around 30 seconds to a minute, plus ensure there is some sort of time stamp on the recording, such as filming their clock during the recording.

You can then call up CTV news (that night or next morning, it's so noisy everyone is awake anyways!) at 416-384-7100 and say that you have a recording of the overnight Metrolinx noise from for a piece that Mr Caldwell is doing. CTV will then will give you an email address to send it too.

They were at it again last night. We have to get something done!

milamali said...

Swordsman - that sounds great, thanks for that! I will definitely record the next noise - probably won't take too long til then :( Let's keep each other updated :) I created an online petition today which I still have to edit a bit, but then I will send you the link. I also sent a post to blogto which is currently under revision.

milamali said...

OMG I am loosing my mind!!! You wouln't believe HOW many trucks are on Sudbury to load off gravel again - they will be working all weekend! Is there nothing we can do about this? Just called the police, CN (Canada National Railway), go enforcement and the public relations department of go - nothing! Everyone is sorry they can't help me. It is so frustrating nobody gives a damn about our rights. Let's do something already. How about putting up signs at the fences? Are you in?

Swordsman said...

Our best bet is to be sure the press is on it. Open the window, record the noise, make sure you also get a clock in there at some point and contact CTV news. They want to have some proof so they can go after them!