Tuesday 24 September 2013

Bite Bar Holiday Preview

Tonight Teena and I were invited to a private preview of Bite Bars holiday delights.

So what is Bite Bar?

Are you a Biter? 

Then Bite Bar is the place for you! Dessert-there’s no denying it. But where’s the fun in wasting half just because it’s too big to finish or too heavy on the guilt of the calories you’ll be adding. There had to be a way to have both. Delicious desserts that made you feel like you had just a bite! 

And Bite Bar was born! Launching with bite sized gourmet cupcakes, the list grew and grew to include creamy mini cheesecakes, sweet marshmallow bars and freshly dipped mini chocolate pretzels to name a few. 

But what could biters wash down all these delectable treats with? That’s when pairing became the obvious answer. The ideal ending to any night is having a delicious drink with your favourite dessert and so we launched specialty cockatils, mocktails and dessert inspired herbal teas each unique to Bite Bar. 

With our take out bar or sit down lounge there’s no reason not to bite!

It is an unusual concept, one bite deserts and cocktails, but surprisingly it works. I think the secret is in most of the deserts I had, non were overly sweet so matched well with the wine.


These are Choco Eggnog Martinis! They were good!

These chocolate cookie sandwiches were my favorites.


Here is Nisha Amin-Agnihotri, founder of the Bite bar on the left and her bartender ... sorry I didn't get her name.

Teena's favorite were these tiny chocolate cupcakes which accounts for the open spot on the tray. They also topped the eggnog.

The Bite bar is at Elm Street and Bay and is worth stopping in. Thanks for inviting us!

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