Friday 2 August 2013

The Bracebridge Waterfalls

Teena and I are in Bracebridge, ON, for Sessions Muskoka Craft Beer Festival tomorrow.

Today we went out to explore the area and our first stop were the waterfalls under the bridges of Bracebridge.

There are 3 sets of Falls in Bracebridge. The High Falls, Wilson Falls in the middle and Lower Falls. The upper two pictures are of the Lower Falls. I love waterfalls as they are a combination of beauty, noise and raw power. Here are a couple of the lower falls.

Wilson Falls is under the bridge of the main road into town. Back in the 1800 Bird Wollen Mills stood on the north bank to use the waterfalls to drive. In the second picture below, it looks as if this is coming from an old sluice for the mill. There was also  a saw mill and a grist mill on the south side of the river in those days.

The sky was threatening when we made it to the rapids and we had to high tail it into town once the rains came. We got wet, but dried off at the Thirsty Judge in town and came back later for supper.

After the rained we were treated to a beautiful sky that promised great weather for the beer fest tomorrow. "Red at night, sailors delight!

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