Thursday 1 August 2013

Supper on the Amsterdams Brewhouse Patio

Amsterdam BrewHouse had their launch last month, after what I heard was a five million dollar renovation of the old and tired Pier 4 Seafood restaurant. They do pay homage to the heritage of the old building with photographs of the original wharf building being built, plus the old Pier 4 sign.

There is a working brewhouse in the building but I neglected to take pictures of it. Instead here is a nice wall!

The inside is nice and so different from the old place.

The patio is spectacular, with Muskoka chairs, an outside shaded bar and lots and lots of tables with umbrellas.


Teena and I had a table by the water. The view was fantastic! I love the cloud formation in the first shot. Looks like a dragon!. In the second, a Porter plane coming in for a landing at Billy Bishop Airport.

Most important is the food and service. We had Olena as our server and she was great! Her service and suggestions were excellent!

We both had pizzas. Mine was a classic with pepperoni, mushrooms and cheese. It was tasty!


If I have one complaint it is about the smoking. I would make it smoke free but smoking is allowed. The problem is that there seemed to be no ashtrays. The fellow at the next table was constantly blowing his smoke on us. He then crushed his smoke out on the floor! As we left, I saw many butts under tables. The place is new but this has to be addressed.

Please don't take me wrong, this is really the only flaw I saw while we were there. I loved the food, Olena made sure we were looked after well and the atmosphere and patio was fantastic.

We will be back again ... and again ... and again!

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