Thursday 18 July 2013

Me ... Redesigned!

I had a haircut just before Christmas. Then Teena and I went to Mount Tremblant for New Years for snowshoeing. Two hours before coming home I fell and sprained my ankle. Now this created many issues, one of which where I go to get my hair done at Garrisons by the Park was on the second story of a walk up store front ... I could not walk up!

So I let my hair grow ... and grow ... and grow. Finally after four and a half months when I was much better, I went in for a trim. I had another short trim a month later and let it grow again

Above are the before pictures today.

I was extremely happy with Garrisons, the people and the cuts I received, except for one thing. It is too far away to pop in at lunch for a cut. So today I decided to give Natural Solutions Hair Salon in Scotia Plaza a try.

Marie, who has been in the business for nine years, had the huge job of taking it off. She was professional, fun to talk with and in the end and did a great job on my hair. I have now found a new place and hair stylist to get my hair done.

Would I recommend Natural Solutions? Sure would! Everyone there was great, plus I got a great cut. Not only was Marie my hair stylist today, but also my photographer. Nice job Marie, on my hair and the photos!

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