Saturday 25 May 2013

Thirsty & Miserable

Teena and I ended up at Thirsty and Miserable in Kensington Market  this evening. I was lazy and never took out my camera but really enjoyed myself there. I am home but still lazy so here is Teena's post from Teena in Toronto.  Thanks honey!


Gord and I have been hearing a lot about Thirsty & Miserable (in Kensington Market) so we walked there this evening to check it out.  The last time we'd been there was a couple years ago when it was Havana Cuba.

The pub crawl we were on last Sunday ended up there (we'd gone home instead since we were still in our 'hood).

It's is small cozy spot ... seating for nine on the patio and about thirty inside.

There's Gord at the bar

It's the place to go if you are into beer, especially craft beer (which Gord loves!) ... there are no big name brands like Labatts or Canadian here.

There is a big selection in bottles.

Or get something on tap (which changes often).

It's made clear that it's not a place for wine, hard liquor or mixed drinks (though there is a small selection).

 Katie is the owner and took good care of us.  She was friendly and knows her stuff!

After sitting at the bar for a while, we took our drinks outside and sat on the patio ... there is always lots to see in the Market!

We'll definitely be back!

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