Saturday 25 May 2013

Supper at Bannock

Today we did three tours for Doors Open visiting three unique places.

After our last stop at  Old City Hall, we were starving and decided to head across the street to Bannock, home of Canadian Comfort Food.We both have wanted to try this place since it opened a year ago, so now was the time.

With a total of 4,348 square feet, Bannock is part grab-and-go café, part coffee shop, and part dine-in restaurant. The architecture reflects the menu – eclectic and approachably Canadian – featuring antique pine and hemlock reclaimed from one of the Queen’s wharfs that sat under the waters of Lake Ontario at York Street for over a hundred years. 

Bannock’s honest approach to food is rooted in familiar, wholesome ingredients that are reflective of Canada’s rich regional and cultural diversity, delivered in an innovative and playful way. Everyday classics are revitalized as the Chefs pay homage to traditional Canadian comfort foods, putting our cultural favourites front and centre. Bannock breads are integrated throughout the entire menu including artisan sandwiches and pizzas. Bannock garnishes are also added to soups, salads and main courses. 

The outside of the building is under construction so I never took a picture of the outside, In fact I neglected to take any pictures of the inside either, which is quite nice. Teena did, though, in her review here.

I don't usually order appetizers but the Salt Cod Donuts caught my eye and I had to give it a try. They were terrific and very tasty! I could have this again and again! The original presentation is above. Here are a couple of closer looks.

For the main course, Teena had Chile Chicken Pad Thai and which she said was tasty but didn't have much chicken in it. The nuts and lime came on the side.

I had the Atlantic Haddock and Shrimp cakes which were very good. I usually don't use tarter sauce as I find it masks the flavour of the food instead of enhancing it. At Bannock, they make their own dill pickle tarter which worked really well with the fish cakes. I enjoyed this too but not as much as the Salt Cod Donuts!

We both would definitely go back and when we do, I'll be ordering Salt Cod Donuts!

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