Wednesday 27 March 2013

Coffee Delivery!

My colleague at work, Bryan, has a Kuerig machine, which he loves, and told me about an online place that he orders his coffee from, ECS Coffee Inc. If you place an order for $100 or more, they will ship for free so I thought I would give them a try.

Thursday night I sat down and placed my order and Monday it was delivered to Teena's office. She brought them home last night.

I have only tried maybe 8 to 10 different coffees and this was my chance to go a little wild. Not only does ECS sell K-cups by the box but also individually for 89 cents, which I found an excellent way to try new coffees.

Some coffees I wanted a box of, such as the Marley Jamaican Blue which Bryan had given me a cup to try, was heaven. I have tried a different kinds of Donut Shop Coffee but not the X-Bold so ordered a box of it along with a box of Brown Gold Peruvian. I have not had a coffee from Peru which I have not loved and ordered a bag of Inca Trail Arabica.

All the rest were individual K-cups. 36 K-cups with 8 different flavours. With a long weekend coming up, I have a chance to try quite a few.

It's going to be fun!

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