Sunday 2 September 2012

Big Fat Burrito

I love burritos and am searching for the best burrito in Toronto. 

Today Teena and I visited Kensington Market and both of us had a craving for a burrito. Big Fat Burrito is a very popular place in the market so we gave it a try.

I love their procedure. You go up to order (we both ordered a large chicken burrito) and instead of saying what you want on it, you are directed to a list on the board and say what you do not want on it. So much easier.

The above picture does not do this justice. It is huge and heavy.

Big Fat Burrito knows what makes a great burrito. Many places rely on their sauces. Big Fat Burrito knows the secret is in the rice and the refried beans. If there is no flavour there, the burrito will be flavourless. Both here have great flavours. 

The ingredients and layered throughout so every bit is different. The chicken is not chunked up small but has huge pieces in it. All in all this is a great burrito!

So far, I have not rated very many burritos but can say positively that this is in second place on my list. In first is Burrito Boyz on Adelaide and right behind them is the Loose Moose on Front. So many more to go!

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