Friday 27 July 2012

An Afternoon at the Old Mill Spa

Yesterday Teena celebrated her 50th birthday.

We don't do presents for birthdays.  Instead we take each other to the spa. Usually we like to try new places but in March for my birthday, Teena took me to the Old Mill and Spa. We liked it so much, that we returned today.

And we're glad we did!

First we started off with a couple's massage. Basically we each get a massage from a different massage therapist but in the same room. It is quite enjoyable. Today Teena had Belinda, who she had last time. Last time she liked her so much she wanted to take her home. I had a different massage therapist, Ngoi, who was fabulous. My shoulder and deltoids have been acting up lately but she took care of it. The hour was over much too fast and I could have had a nap after, I was that relaxed. Next time back I would not hesitate to ask for Ngoi.

Next up was the pedicure. I had the Men's Power Wash and Teena had the Peppermint Patty. All my male friends and co-workers think I'm nuts and say they would never get one. I think about this as I sit in my comfy chair, sipping on my champagne and having somebody like Jessica do a terrific job on my feet. My pedicure included the usual cut, trim and shine, but also had a chocolate peppermint mud wrap. My feet tingled afterward. Oh, and if one massage wasn't enough, Jessica gave me another foot massage.

Teena loved the job Stef did and the colour she chose for her toes "I'm not really a waitress". Interesting colour name.

It's a given now ... our Christmas and birthday spa days will be spent at the Old Mill Spa. Here are some shots of the outside.

One last shot. I set the camera on a railing and took a shot of the waterfall but with a long shutter speed to blur the effect of the water. This is the best. The other shots could have used a tripod and next time I would shoot on manual.

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