Monday 30 July 2012

Pizza with Cream at Restaurant L'Escale Saint-Pierre

Saint-Pierre has a strange custom. OK, strange to me.

Every day the town shuts down from noon 'til 2pm. Can't buy anything and if you're hungry, forget it, the restaurants close for lunch. I never heard of a restaurant closing for lunch. Jean Claude, our van tour operator from this morning, though pointed out L'Escale, Sainte Pierre, telling us they are the only place open all day, and have great pizza.

Teena and I were starved and damp so it was great to know there was a place to go. The outside is plain but the inside is nice.
We decided on the pizza! But had some questions. Do some of these really say cream?
Teena ordered the complete but without mushrooms. I asked about the cream and was told in broken English that they pour a dollop of table cream in the middle. This intrigued me so I went for the Bora, Bora, but with no ananas (pineapple). Funny, I don't believe pineapple belongs on a pizz, but now it's bring on the cream?

Here is Teena's pizza. Although it was different than we are used to she found it delicious. She wrote about it here.
Here is mine with the cream. It was excellent. I enjoyed the cream in the middle and found it smoothed out the tastes. In fact, I was dipping my pizza in it and my last little piece I made sure I mopped up the last little bit of cream.
Take notice, Canadian pizza places. This could separate you from the rest of the pack!

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