Thursday 24 May 2012

Mojito Wars - The Mojito of School Restaraunt

I discovered mojitoes many years ago while on vacation in Cuba.

I do not generally like sweet stuff, whether it is a candy, ice cream or drink, but do love mojitoes. I love the sweetness of the cane sugar in it. I love the mint and am constantly stirring my mojito to bring in more of that great mint flavour.

It is a fabulously refreshing drink. I have even made them myself with my own homemade sugar water and homegrown mint. Whenever I am in a restaurant, bar or pub which serves mojoitoes, I will definitely will order one.

Time to start writing about them. Time to find out who makes the best mojitoes in Toronto.

Time for Mojito Wars!

This afternoon we were at School Restaurant in Liberty Village. Teena's review is here. I had a couple of Grolsch and an excellent supper. I was going to order a rum, when the server informed me that they have mojitoes. My face lit up and I ordered one.

It is a labour intensive drink and I could hear the bartender muddling the sugar and mint. School does a good job of keeping the theme of the name of the restaurant. The clocks are all set to 3:30, the waiters are dressed like substitute teachers, the waitress wear a tartan school uniform and the mojito is served in a laboratory beaker.

It seems most of my sips are about 50 ml!

I love the presentation with the full mint sprig shading the mojito from above.

The taste was excellent. Just the right balance of mint, lime, sugar and club soda mixed with the Havana Club, which they use. I think my favorite part was the uncrushed large cane sugar granules which sat on the bottom of the glass. When sipping the mojito, usually a piece of sugar would be sucked up the straw. After the drink, I would then bite down on the mint flavoured piece of sugar.

I enjoyed my visit to School for supper. I would go back. I would go back just for the mojito. They make it fun and delicious. It is a little expensive at $9 a drink but still I give it a 9/10!

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