Sunday 22 April 2012

Photographing Fort York for Our Final Photo Assignment

On Thursday at our Photo 101 Course Teena and I are taking at Henry's School of Imaging, we received our final assignment.

There were three topics we could choose from. I chose the first one "Choose something (outside your home) from your everyday routine to photograph. Perhaps there is something that you pass by everyday on your walk/drive home from work, or maybe there is an interesting place that you like to visit often." No matter what the subject, we had to make the shot interesting.

Oh, there was one more thing. No using any of the auto settings. Instead we had to be completely on manual the entire way. Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO all had to set manually. It was a little daunting.

Having a big interest in the War of 1812, I have visited Fort York which is in our neighborhood many times. I thought it would be great to go there and try to capture a shot showing old versus new ... the old 200-year-old fort standing against the modern city. The one up top is one of the first I shot in that theme.

It was a tricky day as it started out cloudy but the sun came out at the end. Teena and I each took over a hundred shots. Teena's best shots are here. It was hard to pick my favorite for the assignment. This was one of my finalists, showing a lone cannon guarding the city. It is a little underexposed.

My favorite shot of a building. I attempted to get a little artsy with it. I think it turned out well with good detail and showing the old versus new.

Here is the winner, the one which I am submitting. It is a little underexposed which helps to define the detail. I felt I captured excellent depth of field shooting from the corner of the wall. It seems well-framed and in the background is the underneath of the Gardiner Expressway and condos in the background. The detail came out well. Once I get my teacher's assessment, I will post it under the picture. My fingers are crossed!

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