Thursday 22 December 2011

My 2011 Christmas Fridge

Back in 2008, I started into the world of craft beer. Before that I was "Buck a Beer Gord" searching for taste in cheap beer. Once I discovered craft beer, it was all about taste. That year I pulled everything out of my fridge to see what I had and was surprised by the variety. So I blogged about it.

Now it has become tradition. So here is this years Christmas fridge.

It is beer which I have just bought tonight, some beer I have received as gifts and some which I have had in the fridge aging. This year's variety seems bigger.

From left to right:
  • Muskoka Brewery Mad Tom. Just bought tonight. I love it's hoppiness.
  • Barley Days Yuletide Cherry Porter. A beer of the week (BOTW) a few weeks ago. I had bought a six pack.
  • Amarcord La Tabachera is a high alcohol beer Italian craft beer from a BOTW back in August which I have been aging.
  • Next is an upcoming German 3 bottle beer set which I got as a gift from my sister, Judy, and her husband, Doug. Looking forward to this!
  • Fullers put out a Past Masters series. I have the strong ale and porter which are made from an old recipe. Yes I will be writing about them.
  • Black Oak sold out of their excellent Nutcracker Porter last month. I had bought a dozen and have just 2 left. Lucky me!
  • I have only one Grolsch from 6 I bought last weekend. It was gone somehow by the time the rest was put away.
  • I have a variety of Faxe, a Danish beer which will be an upcoming BOTW.
  • Fullers Vintage is in the middle. Every year I buy 3, 1 for this year, 1 for next and the other for 2 years down the road. That way I always have 3 to compare. It's fu to do!
  • Crazy Canuck in is my fridge the majority of the time as I think it is one of the most perfect beers out there.
  • I just did Keith's as my beer of the week and have 2 left.
  • Flying Monkeys Netherworld is another favorite that finds my fridge quite often. I great black Cascadian ale.
  • Our neighbor gave me the gift pack of Old Speckled Hen which was a bottle and a glass. Looking forward to it.
  • I love Tree Hop Head, another regular to my fridge.
  • Paddock Wood from Saskatchewan makes a great lager with their Czech-Mate Lager. Another regular.
Merry Christmas to me! A beer fridge is a must in 2012.

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