Friday 16 December 2011

Christmas Supper at Baton Rouge with Old friends

Tonight Teena and I headed up to North York to meet friends for a Christmas get-together at Baton Rouge. I have been friends with Alfred, Kevin and Craig for many years .... actually since the early 60s. Wow!

We guys get together on many Tuesday nights but we don't get together as often as we should as couples. OK, there's a new years resolution.

It was fun not only getting together and reminiscing about the old days but, although we lived miles away, the Mel Lastman square area was a place that we guys visited often, traveling on bikes. Not something we would let our kids do today. So we we also spent some time trying to remember the way the area was.

The food, as usual, was quite good and the service was excellent. Teena and I both had the Chicken Tenders. Teena had mashed potatoes with hers and I got coleslaw and fries with mine. The tenders were fabulous and I love shoestring french fries. I did find the generous mound of coleslaw dry and bland. Alfred, who had the tenders and ribs, felt the same way about the slaw.

The beer selection had a lot to be desired. When I asked what was on tap, I cringed when I was told it was all the usual Molson's bland products. Thank goodness Molson's also owns Creemore Springs Lager (and have left the brewery alone to continue to do it's own thing very well) as that was the only decent offering on tap.

All in all, a very fun night. Next year getting together more often as couples is a resolution I don't plan on breaking.

Teena's write up with many more and much better pictures is here.

Here are Teena and I tonight.

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Christine said...

Hi Gord & Teena -

It was great getting together and catching up!

I second the motion - Quarterly Get Togethers!

All the best!