Saturday 17 December 2011

2011 Family Christmas

Every year, Teena, Ken and I head down to see my side of the family, who live north of Belleville to celebrate Christmas.

We always go down a week early so Ken can spend Christmas with his mother, who lives alone.

As always, it was a fun time. My mom is 84 but still very active, and did not want to cook a turkey, so instead she cooked a ham ahead of time and we all brought the side dishes. It was all very good, especially the deviled eggs which mom made the mistake of setting down by me!

My mother is a great grandmother as my sister, Judy's son, Kyle, and his wife, Kerri, have two kids, Madison and Colton. That makes my sister a grandmother - snicker, snicker. Madison is a ball of energy while Colton is just a few months old.

It was a fun family get together, best shown with pictures. Teena's view is here.

A typical Christmas get together with kids makes for a busy room.

I love this picture of my mom and Colton. The smile says it all.

My sister Judy and Colton.

It was hard getting a picture of Madison. She rarely stopped moving.

Teena did get her to stop for a minute to look at pictures.

Judy's son, Kyle, and my son, Ken, enjoying some time together.

My stepdad Keith liked the hoodie we got him.

Mom and Ken enjoy some time together with Pepper.

This is the best shot I could do of the generations. In front, my sister Judy; behind her, Kerri holds onto Madison; behind in the chair, Judy's son, Kyle, holds onto Colton; and my mom, the great grandmother, looks on from the back.

A couple of my brother in-law, Doug, with Madison, then in the chair cradling Colton with one arm and an unwrapped bottle of white whiskey with the other.

It was lots of fun. Here's the refreshing part of my haul.

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