Saturday 5 November 2011

Movie - The Tower Heist

This afternoon Teena and I saw Tower Heist. We have been looking forward to it since we first saw the preview.

Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy lead an all-star cast in Tower Heist, a comedy caper about working stiffs who seek revenge on the Wall Street swindler who stiffed them. After the workers at a luxury Central Park condominium discover the penthouse billionaire has stolen their retirement, they plot the ultimate revenge: a heist to reclaim what he took from them.

It was a fun movie with some very funny bits. There was good chemistry between the actors in this movie. Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy were great together and it was nice to see Eddie Murphy actually do something funny again after that long string of bad films he has been in. It was different seeing Alan Alda playing the bad guy. He was excellent as the cool, confident, billionaire white collar crook.

You have to check a little of your sense of reality at the door but not enough that it takes away from the fun of the movie.

I give it a 7 out of 10. A movie worth seeing at the theatre.

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