Monday 25 July 2011

Ship in a Bottle

I saw this tonight in the Iris Harp Pub. There was an overflow room that I checked out and it was sitting atop a fake fireplace.

I had an uncle from Newfoundland who I met many years ago. Too many years ago, perhaps 45 or so, and sadly, I cannot remember his name. I do believe he is the same uncle who said if I came down to see him, he would take me out squid jigging! I really wish I remembered his name as I really liked him.

He built ships in a bottle. He explained to me how it was done. It is such intricate work, how to pull up the sails. For a long time I had a small one from him. I have no idea where it is. When I saw this on the fireplace, I was reminded of him. I may not remember your name, but I remember you!

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