Wednesday 15 December 2010

Souvenirs for Gord from Manitoba

Teena was in Winnipeg for a day and a half on business and promised to bring me back a couple of local beers.

When she arrived home, her "carry on bag" was bulging and had to spend i's time with the regular luggage, due to it's weight.

What made it bulge?

2 tallboys of Fort Garry Dark Ale, 2 tallboys of Fort Garry Pale Ale, 2 bottles of Half Pints Stir Stick Stout, 1 tallboy of Thirsty Beaver Amber (from BC) and 6 bottles of Half Pints Little Scrapper IPA.

All that and two tee-shirts.

Now I know what my next three beers of the week will be.

I also know that I have a great and thoughtful wife! Thanks Teena!

1 comment:

Teena in Toronto said...

I couldn't even lift my suitcase into the back of the cab!

Enjoy :)