Saturday 4 December 2010

Ashtanga Yoga with Ella

No, I can't do this! Really doubt if I ever will. Never had a very flexible body but am working on it.

I had missed the last three weeks of Yoga, twice because of fencing and once because Teena and I had plans but today was back at it.

Ella, our instructor (yogi?) had been pushing to get another 15 minutes added to our class and has succeeded. So now instead of silently cursing her for an hour, I have to come up with new curse words for the extra 15 minutes.

All kidding aside, Ella is an excellent instructor, demonstrating different ways to work a position, walking the class ensuring everyone is doing their version correctly, and giving us all one hell of a hard workout.

Today I could tell I missed 3 weeks. I felt it in every movement. Now, an hour or so after finishing, the body is sore but loose. I have felt many benefits from my weekly class and am glad that I am back at it.

I also plan now to take Tuesday classes with another instructor at the gym. If she is half as good as Ella, then it will be a worthwhile class.

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