Monday 29 November 2010

Book: Wings of a Hero: Canadian Pioneer Flying Ace Wilfrid Wop May

A Stompin' Tom Conners song tells the story of Wop May. As a result, I have always wanted to read about the life of this individual. So the other week I did a search of the Toronto Public Library for a book on his life and found Wings of a Hero: Canadian Pioneer Flying Ace Wilfrid Wop May by Sheila Reid.

"A look at May's life as a Flying Corps pilot in World War I &, later, as a commercial pilot, & part of the Canadian Pioneer Flying Ace missions. Much of the material for Wings of a Hero was provided to the author by May's son, Dennis, & the result is an inside look at an intriguing & admirable life."

At first I was disappointed when I picked up this book as it was only 100 pages long. The 100 pages, though, are well written about a man who was a force in opening up the north to aviation. It was also exciting to read about his role in the dogfight with Manfred von Richthofen in World War 1 which Roy Brown, another Canadian, shot down the infamous Red Baron.

In the end I was glad the book was not any longer as I learned all I wanted to know about Wop May in a short time. Well written and many great pictures of those old flying crates.

"Wop May!
Wop May!
You’re the top Canadian pilot of the day,
Wop May!
The top Canadian pilot of the day."

Stompin' Tom Conners

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