Saturday 2 October 2010

Pedicure Day

I cannot cut my own toenails without doing damage to my toes. never have been able to.

Finally I decided after going a few times to the spa to have them done, that having someone trained to do them is a better thing.

So I started going to a move them in, move them out, 25 bucks a throw place. Then Teena and I went together to Q West Spa one day for a pedicure together. Q West is a one minute walk from our home and the people there are friendly and do a great job.

So now we are in a rhythm of going every 5 to 6 weeks.

Teena's sister, Sarah, is in town as they are heading off to Punta Cana for a vacation together, leaving me at home looking after the critters. So we decided to include her in our "toe day".

Teena and Sarah also got stuff done to their eyebrows, things guys know nothing about. The also got stick-on designs on their big toes. I just had my feet and nails done and some hardener on them. No colour. Don't want my fencing buddies giggling at me.

It was a fun afternoon.

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