Friday 19 March 2010

26 by March 26 - A Victory This Week

Weekly Exercise in Hours - 7
Starting Weight - 226.2
Weight Last Week - 216.2
Weight This Week - 216.2
Weight Loss This Week - 0
Total Weight Loss - 10
Total % Weight Loss - 4.42%

This week I was a little nervous stepping onto the scale. I was out last Friday night with the gang at work, did a pub walk on Saturday (which meant eating pub food) and Sunday ate out with Teena and Ken.

Eating out is not a healthy thing to do.

I also came down with a cold which meant missing a yoga class and two fencing practices.

It was not looking good for me.

So I bravely stepped onto the scale and ... even!

I stepped off, watched the scale reset and stepped on again. Even!

One more time. Even!

I'll take it!

For the type of week I had, it was a victory.

Next week, my final of the 26 by March 26, will be a loss. Hopefully a significant loss.

1 comment:

Teena in Toronto said...

Good for you!

I step on and off the scale about 100 times. Ha!