Friday 15 January 2010

26 By March 26 - Week 2

Weekly Exercise in Hours - 8.5
Starting Weight - 226.2
Weight Last Week - 226.2
Weight This Week - 223.4
Weight Loss This Week - 2.8
Total Weight Loss - 2.8
Total % Weight Loss - 1.24%

This week I am much happier although I must admit that after not losing anything last week, I though the number would be bigger. Still losing 2.8 pounds in a week is a good thing.

I stayed on track all week even though some great lunches were brought in for us at work all week. I still sat at my desk and ate what I brought instead. Although I am not using Weight Watchers and not tracking points, I am using what I was taught on the program before about healthy eating. The exception is the weekend when I diligently keep track of my Weight Watcher bonus points ......... OK, beer points.

So this week it's back on track and hopefully next Friday, another good number.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Good for you! Especially with all those delicious lunches brought in this week.