Wednesday 18 March 2009

Craft Beer Article from Wall Street Journal

I read an interesting on-line article from the Wall Street Journal called "In Lean Times, a Stout Dream" It was in regards to the Craft Beer industry in the U.S.

Seems that industry is doing very well, which is good news for those of us who enjoy a tasty craft brewed beer.

According to the article, 114 microbreweries and brewpubs, which are restaurants that brew their own beer, opened in the U.S. last year which was the highest number since 199. On the downside, 42 brewpubs were closed which was the most since 2005. Nine microbreweries also closed which was the lowest number since 1995.

These statistics come from The Brewers Association, a trade group located in Boulder Colorado. That is the highest number of openings since 1999.

The article is a very entertaining read, interviewing those who have just opened breweries ("I got into it because my wife said I could"), and the effect of the state of the economy on the craft brewery industry in the U.S ("it's done little to dent the ambitions of those who dream of brewing their own beer and offering it to the world) .

I don't know the statistics for the Canadian Craft Brewery Industry but keep doing my part to support them by bringing home those tasty 6 packs and ensuring that no bottle feels forgotten. .

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