Thursday 22 January 2009

20 Minutes to Kill

I had 20 minutes to kill after work before going to the chiro for a good old back cracking and decided that the best way to use this time was to make a stop at The Bier Markt.

Being in a place with such variety, I wanted something that I had not tasted before. It couldn’t be hit or miss as I only had time for one and run. I asked for something hoppy and the bartender recommended a Brooklyn Lager from, of course, Brooklyn Brewery in, of course, New York.

I told him that I am not really a lager fan and wanted something with bite so he grabbed a tasting glass, poured me some and told me that I would be surprised. I had a taste and I was surprised and quite pleasantly too.

It was smooth and light but with a bitter bite to it and finished well with pleasant aftertaste. Turns out that this is a kind of a cross. The malt content is on a Vienna style lager but extra hops are added after the beer is brewed in a process called dry hopping, which is usually done with ales.

According to Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery, “We took an Austrian style and used a British technique and got an American beer.”

Well done too!!

I didn't get the bartenders name but he was a very engaging and knowledgeable chap, explaining all of what they had in bottles and on tap. While I was sipping on my Brooklyn Lager, I really wished I had time for another. He gave me a sample of Stiegl from Austria and showed me how the bottom of Strongbow glass was etched in order to hold the head on the beer.

It was an enjoyable way to spend twenty minutes.

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