Monday 29 December 2008

Saving $$$ on Steam Whistle

My errands today included taking back some empties and picking up a 12 pack of one of my favorite Pilsners, Steam Whistle. I stopped at the LCBO on Brock Street to see what they might have that I haven't tried.

In the cold section, they carried Steam Whistle in both 6 pack bottles and in individual 500ml cans. I was going to buy a 12 pack at the beer store but there was something in the math which caught my eye.

The price was $12.15 without deposit for a 6 pack of 341ml bottles. A 500ml can came to $2.60 without deposit. I did some rough calculations and determined that it was likely cheaper to buy 8 tall cans at the LCBO than it would be to buy a 12 pack of bottles at the Beer Store.

When I got home I did the math. At $2.60 for a 500ML bottle the price came to $.0052 per ml. This would make a 341ml bottle at this price cost $1.773 each. A 6 pack averages $2.025 per bottle. A 12 pack averages 1.854 per bottle.

So buy buying the equivalent amount in cans you would save $1.51 on a 6 pack the same and $.98 on a 12. 4 tins is about the same volume as 6 bottles and 8 tins roughly the same as a 12 pack.

Of course, not everyone likes to drink from a tall can. Some find the beer gets warm before it's done or it is a little too much when when a person just wants a beer or two. Neither are a problem for me.

Especially with this delicious brand!

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