Friday 3 October 2008

C'est What's 20th Annual Festival Of Small Breweries

Gord and I went to C'est What's 20th annual craft beer festival.

There were 40 of the best brews Canada has to offer in 3 ounce sample glasses at a loonie each.

Between us, we tried 28 of them!

You are given a score sheet which you pass in at the end of the night. Then they tally the results and you are sent an email which lists the top picks.

Here are sample glasses.

There's Gord!

There's me!

My top five beer:

1. Steam Whistle - I've had it tons of times in the past
2. Grand River Bumbleberry Wheat
3. Grand River Hannenberg Pilsner and McAusian Apricot Wheat
4. C'est What Caraway Rye

My least favourite were:

1. Denison's Weissbier and Black Oak Wasabi Brown Ale
2. Nickelbrook Sahti Juniper
3. Don de Dieu and Railway City Copper Ale and Trafalgar Smoked Oatmeal Stout

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