Monday 4 July 2022

All Is Well by Katherine Walker

I just finished reading, All is Well, the debut novel from Canadian author, Katherine Walker.

Christine Wright is having a bad day. She’s an ex-special forces soldier and a recovering alcoholic, and now her new career as an Anglican Minister has started off with the worst kind of bang. Could it be her reflexes are a little too twitchy for this job? From the opening page, this fast-paced tale is all about a cover up: the burying of a body, while fending off an angry widow, and a very suspicious parishioner appalled by the loss of a precious church artifact. And then there’s the vengeful plot of a terminally ill military-cop-turned-stalker who plans to get Christine locked up if it’s the last thing he does.

I really enjoyed this novel. The murder, committed by the former special forces soldier, who has become an Anglican Minister since leaving the military, occurs quickly in the story. In fact, it happens on the first page. The rest of the story is Christine doing her best to keep the murder covered up.

Christine Wright is a flawed character, and is one I was constantly rooting for. It's a well laid out story and a fun one to read. I can see why it made the short list for the 2022 Crime Writers of Canada, Awards of Excellence, for Best Crime First Novel. 

About Katherine Walker


Katherine Walker was born and raised in Calgary where she studied fine arts. After working as a graphic designer, Katherine joined the Royal Canadian Navy, which took her to both coasts and out to sea. Her recent graduate studies in divinity, along with her artistic and military background, enhance her journey through life. You can talk with Katherine about divine guidance, dismantling underwater mines, or the connection between beauty and truth. Katherine is grateful for the tradition of story, the wilderness, and every breath in this amazing life. "All Is Well" is her first book.

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