Monday 9 November 2020

PC Chef Korean Gochujang Chicken

This past weekend, PC Chef had a buy one, get one free deal on their order in meal kits and we took advantage. On Saturday we placed our orders. I ordered Korean-Style Gochujang Chicken and Chicken Fettuccini meal kits. Teena ordered two of their Roasted Jerk Chicken meal kits. 

Each kit comes in a bag.

The rice and red pepper powder goes into the hot oil.

As this is for two, place rice on two separate plates. Preheat a little oil and in goes the precut chicken.

Next, the vegetables and shredded green cabbage.

This is followed by the gochujang sauce.

Pour this over the plates of rice and garnish with the sesame seeds and viola! It's ready to eat.

It was sweet, hot and delicious. I'll be sure to have this again!

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