Thursday 29 August 2019

Sudbury Street, 1967 and Today

The other day, Teena discovered a couple of pictures from 1967 of our neighbourhood. They were posted on Facebook from Vintage Toronto.

The photo at the top of the page shows Sudbury Street looking south east from Dovercourt Road - Courtesy of Toronto Public Library & the Toronto Star Archives - 1967. Underneath is what it looks like today.

Below is a photo from the same year, likely the same day of Sudbury Street looking west from the corner of Dovercourt Road. Photo by Don Ritchie. - Copyright © Toronto Public Library. Again the photo under it is how it looks today.

All these high rises were built in the past few years. Another two are being constructed on the left side of the sidewalk in the second photo down. When they were being sold, I wonder if this, a sign posted on the new construction site, was put in the sales literature or declared when buyers signed the papers.

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