Saturday 6 July 2019

Toronto Wolfpack Host Halifax R.L.F.C in the Heat

It was a hot and exciting day in the Den (Lamport Stadium) as the 18-1 Toronto Wolfpack took on Halifax R.L.F.C. Hot? Teena checked and the humdidex was 37 C. I would've bet it was more than 40 C.

Exciting? Yes, the game was exciting but after putting up with a lousy scoreboard with so many bulbs burned out for over two years, we were welcomed with a brand new scoreboard! So much appreciated by the fans and no doubt the team.

Before the pregame ceremonies, this little visitor had to be escorted from the stadium. Heading out the east entrance had people, me included, scrambling. Teena took these pictures.

And here we are.

The Toronto Wolfpack Dance Squad put on a performance before the game and at the half.

The Wolfpack take the field.

The National anthems.

Opening kickoff.

First half action.

Guitar riffs are played when the Wolfpack scored. He got to play twice in the first half.

Gang tackle!

Liam Kay scored the only 2 tries in the half.

During halftime, the king, queen and knights from Medieval Times fought to see if Jefferson or Gordo would be the all-time team mascot. It came down to a battle between Jefferson and Gordo. Jefferson won. Hail Jefferson!

The Toronto Fire Pipes and Drums performed.

Second half action.

Gaz O'Brien not only kicked for 2 points but hit the roof of a car outside the stadium in doing so. Watch where you park!

Halifax scored twice in the second half and the fans that came over loved it!

The Halifax kicker became the first from a visiting team to hit a streetcar with his 2 point kick. He must have wondered why Toronto fans were cheering so much for his kick.

More action.

Toronto broke it open in the second half and took the game 34-12.

Toronto's First Responders were honoured after the game.

It was so hot Anthony Mullally couldn't wait to get to the dressing room to rid himself of his wraps.

As always, fans were allowed to party on in the beer garden after the game.

It was a brutally hot but fun afternoon. Hopefully it will be cooler for next week's match against the Featherstone Rovers. Teena and I will be there.

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