Wednesday 10 July 2019

Live Theatre - Into the Tango

This afternoon I saw Into the Tango at the Randolph Theater on Bathurst,  just south of Bloor. The show is part of Toronto's Fringe Festival. I love the tango and was looking forward to this.

Award-winning dance company, PointeTango returns from Buenos Aires with INTO THE TANGO, a breathtaking new show featuring world-class dancers Erin Scott-Kafadar and Alexander Richardson. With fantastic lifts, ballet on pointe and flawless Argentine tango, this is a MUST-SEE show! Voted BEST DANCE show, 2018 Victoria Fringe.

Using traditional and contemporary music, INTO THE TANGO is the story of two dancers, lovers, and explorers who interpret the culture and drama of tango with a fresh new voice. Watch and be amazed when the graceful precision of classical ballet meets the authenticity and passion of Argentine tango.

The show was excellent. The two dancers from Pointe Tango, Erin Scott-Kafadar and Alexander Richardson, both from Buenos Aires, Argentina, were smooth, exotic, sensual, romantic and flowed on the stage. Although it was all dance, it told a story. Part way through, the two stopped and briefly explained a couple of their dances and the history of Tango before continuing.

One of the dances, their second, was a tribute in support of woman's rights in Argentina and around the world. In it, both wore their bandannas as masks, as they do in the protests. The explanation received applause and support from the audience. I instantly recognized the music from last dance they performed before speaking and Tango's most famous song, La cumparsita. Alright, I couldn't remember the title and had to look it up while writing this..

The show still had two more performances at the Fringe, this Friday at 1pm and Sunday at 1:45pm before moving onto the Saskatoon Fringe, North Bay Fringe and finally the Victoria Fringe. It's certainly worth seeing.

The show's trailer.

Above photo:
Photographer: Javier Alitto
Dancers: Erin Scott-Kafadar (lead dancer) and Alexander Richardson (lead dancer and choreographer)

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